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World-class cowork & venue space focused on climate innovation


Public-private-academic partnerships for joint projects


Professional development, apprenticeships, public outreach, K-12 learning

A nonprofit, nonpartisan, non-advocacy innovation center focused on climate

Located in the heart of ‘Climate City’

Asheville, North Carolina

About The Collider

Strategic Collisions

We’re not an advocacy organization. Our goal is accelerate an emerging climate resilient economy by bringing together scientists, engineers, business, investors, suppliers, students and potential customers within a climate technology ecosystem.

Space in 'Climate City'

The Collider is just steps away from the National Centers for Environmental Information, a division of the federal National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the world’s largest repository of climate and environmental data.

World-Class Workplace

Our top-floor cowork and business center offers floor-to-ceiling views of the mountains and the vibrant downtown scene, with world-class fiber optic connectivity, top collaboration technology, and membership packages to fit every need.

High-Tech Venues

Short-term rentals are available for the hottest, high-tech venues in downtown Asheville, from meeting rooms for small groups to our technology theater for lectures, workshops, and virtual conferences to our beautiful reception space overlooking the city.

Are you ready to get started?

Are you ready to get started?