The Callen Center: Home to The Collider

Claire Callen -Kathy Sullivan

Claire Callen of Ocean-Asheville LLC welcomes former astronaut and NOAA Administrator Kathy D. Sullivan to the Callen Center and The Collider in a visit in 2016.

Asheville’s rapid increase in business development, restorations of staple properties, and influx of newcomers to this vibrant city is the direct result of its thriving entrepreneurial environment.

Ocean-Asheville LLC was one of those newcomers in 2013 and quickly learned that the collaboration of small business and the science community along with non-chain businesses contributes significantly to Asheville’s economy.

To assimilate in the culture and lifestyle of Asheville, Ocean-Asheville LLC purchased a building in the heart of downtown and converted a 25,000-sq. ft., top floor space into an extraordinary working experience called the Callen Center.

The Collider occupies 6,000 square foot of the Callen Center, offering coworking, office, meeting, workshop, and event space to experts in the climate science industry. This contemporary office center offers private offices with abundant natural light, floor-to-ceiling windows, views of the surrounding city center and Blue Ridge Mountains along with inviting spaces to interact with fellow tenants and guests.

This newly renovated, full service office center – just steps away from NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Information – brings together public and private companies in the climate science sector to share ideas, network and conduct seminars addressing environmental and climate change solutions and adaptation.

Welcome to Climate City

In addition to NOAA’s NCEI, Asheville is home to the National Environmental Modeling & Analysis Center, North Carolina’s Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites, and more than 300 climate service professionals, earning it the nickname, “Climate City.”

To put Asheville further on the map for climate research and data, the Callen Center was formed for professionals in this sector. The Callen Center is an industry specific location that offers a multitude of private office spaces for creative entrepreneurs, established companies and start-ups to work in a contemporary, Class A setting within this industry.

As the premier platform for growing climate adaption information through business connections, market development, creativity and education, The Callen Center and The Collider offers space from cowork desks to small offices to larger private offices for climate service businesses. Joins us at One Haywood Street in the heart of Climate City!

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