The Collider at 2017 PRiMO Conference

MarchMar 20 2017 12:00am - MarchMar 23 2017 11:59pm ET

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The Pacific Islands face many natural and man-made challenges. Only by bringing people and organizations together, and channeling their efforts toward common goals, can communities become more resilient. PRiMO, the Pacific Risk Management ‘Ohana, part of NOAA's Office for Coastal Management - Pacific Islands, is the platform for this effort. PRiMO's efforts make the Pacific Islands more resilient to the impacts of natural hazards.

A highlight of the PRiMO effort is the annual conference, held each March, where hundreds of participants gather to discuss ongoing initiatives, learn from each other, and make the connections and action plans that ultimately result in improved safety and sustainability for Pacific Island communities.

At the 2017 PRiMO conference, Collider CEO James McMahon will moderate a panel on market-driven climate solutions for the Pacific and host a “Pacific PercCollider.” This conference will also be an opportunity for The Collider to build relationships with potential members, partners, and sponsors.

This year’s conference theme is “Navigating Toward Security and Sustainability,” and will take place in Honolulu, Hawai’i on March 20-23, 2017, at the Hawai’i Convention Center. The conference will feature relevant keynote speakers from the region, a public community night, and engaging sessions led by resilience experts from across the Pacific. PRiMO’s hui, or working groups, will gather during the conference to discuss progress from the previous year and action plans for the coming year.

This year’s conference will cover these wide-ranging topics and more:

  • The Science of Climate Change and Its Implications

  • Protecting and Caring for Resources through Community Partnerships

  • Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Examples of How to Address Community Health Issues, and to Whom

  • Business Opportunities in Resilience

  • Disaster-Resilient Universities

  • Communicating Resilience via PRiMO

  • Progress of American Samoa since the 2009 Tsunami

  • Collaborating through the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program

  • Building Resilience at Tourist Destinations

  • Climate Migration and What It Means for the Pacific

  • UAV Usage in Disaster Resilience Efforts

  • Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts

  • Emergency Response Lessons and Protocols

  • Hawai`i's Climate Adaptation Initiative

  • Small Island and Atoll Resilience Options

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