[Food + Beverage] Collider

A Conference on Climate Risk and Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is uniquely susceptible to the impacts of a changing climate. Meeting the business challenge to understand the risks, adapt internal strategies, and build resilient operations across the company value chain can increase market competitiveness. Knowing what to do is increasingly about harnessing the best data – climate, environmental, and socioeconomic – to inform solutions.

  • How are leading food & beverage companies identifying and addressing climate risk?

  • What solutions are available to management teams today?

  • How can data yield more insights, greater efficiency, lower costs, and higher profits?

Join us in October at the [Food + Beverage] Collider for answers. Forecast your company’s climate adaptation and resilience game plan.

Conference Details

  • Conference DatesOctober 23 – 24, 2018
  • Hackathon Date: October 21, 2018
  • Location: Asheville, North Carolina
  • Conference Cost: $399 for Early-Bird Tickets (thru August 17), Regular Tickets are $499
  • Who Should Attend: Leaders in sourcing and supply chain, operations, finance, corporate strategy, brand strategy, and marketing

Session Topics

  • The future of the food and beverage industry in a changing climate
  • The competitive advantage of becoming climate resilient
  • Using climate data to Identify climate impacts on the food and beverage value chain
  • External drivers of climate resilient value chains
  • Building climate resilient, climate-smart agriculture
  • Solution snapshot: climate entrepreneurs showcase emerging adaptation and resilience solutions
  • Plus more to come!

About Climate City & The Collider

Asheville is home to the largest repository of climate data in the world – 37 petabytes as of this June – housed at the headquarters for NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). At The Collider we’re harnessing the data, the scientists who wield it, and the entrepreneurs capable of innovating on top of it to build scalable climate solutions.

Details on Climate City experiences and field trips coming soon.

What Participants Say About The Collider Conference Experience:

“The content was fantastic and varied. Assembling a diverse set of professional backgrounds that bridged business, scientific, financial, and public sector created a very collaborative feeling.” Greg Lowe

Global Head of Resilience and Sustainability, AON, 2018 Business of Climate Forum Attendee

“I was given the rare opportunity to exchange ideas with professionals in the academic, governmental, and non-profit sectors. Collaboration with a diversity of backgrounds and a unity of vision is a critical driver toward sustained, positive impact – The Collider fosters that conversation.”

Liza Schillo

Manager, Global Product Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co., 2018 Business of Climate Forum Attendee

“I appreciated the opportunity to see the deep connection that Asheville has to climate issues and to interact with such a large group of innovation-minded folks. The collection of perspectives represented is not often present at other events.” John Frey

Senior Technology & Sustainability Strategist, HPE, 2018 Business of Climate Forum Attendee


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Prior Participants at Collider Conferences

Photo Credits: Jesse Roberts and Carr Elliot.