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The Collider & Our Members In The News: 2018

Newspaper stories, radio interviews, television broadcasts, blog posts, and other articles about market-driven climate solutions and The Collider coworking space and events. *Please note: Links to the coverage below may be deactivated or changed over time. 

♦ ASHVEGAS: Dorfman to lead The Collider in Asheville

[March 28, 2018]: Josh Dorfman who has led efforts to boost entrepreneurship in Asheville under the auspices of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce the past four years, has announced he’s joining The Collider to foster “climate entrepreneurship and innovation” there. Dorfman will become the new CEO of The Collider at the end of April.

AVL TODAY: Meet Asheville’s 6 coworking spaces

[March 27, 2018]: Asheville has six coworking spaces; among them, The Collider.

♦ THE 828: Asheville Company Based On Water Infrastructure Grows

[March 26, 2018]: Asheville-based Infrastructure Services Group LLC, a company that uses the most up-to-date technology to inspect and repair part of the 1.6 million miles of underground water and wastewater pipelines and associated manholes in the U.S., announces acquisitions that makes ISG the largest for-profit company with its corporate headquarters at The Collider.


[March 26, 2018]: The director of Venture Asheville, Josh Dorfman, shares the news that he is stepping into a new role as CEO of The Collider  to build its capacity as a global center for climate entrepreneurship and innovation.

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE: Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration

[February 25, 2018]: The Collider and Asheville are mentioned in an article about how extreme weather due to climate change displaced more than a million people from their homes last year.

♦ AVL TODAY: Plan Ahead for Week of February 26

[February 25, 2018]: A must-do for this week is Movie Night at The Collider, “Chasing Coral.”

♦ NC IDEA: John and Lauren’s Excellent Adventure

[February 22, 2018]: John Austin, Senior Director of NC IDEA, and a colleague take a statewide tour including a stop at The Collider. NC IDEA is a private foundation with a mission to maximize the economic potential of the people of North Carolina by supporting the formation and fruition of high-growth entrepreneurial endeavors in the state.

♦ AVL TODAY: Plan Ahead for Week of February 19

[February 18, 2018]: A must-do for this week is a lecture at The Collider and art show by photographer/engineer Anrika Rupp, held in collaboration with Asheville Art Museum and Contemporaneo Gallery.

AMERICAN-TOWNS.COM: Asheville Art Museum Presents a Lecture on Intersection of Art and Science

[February 7, 2018]: In collaboration with The Collider and Contemporaneo Asheville, the Asheville Art Museum presents a lecture by artist Anrika Rupp titled “Art, the Scientific Method, and the Aesthetics of the Real.”


[February 7, 2018]: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists from across the country will converge this spring on Western North Carolina at a new conference focused on the business challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.

WRAL TECH WIRE: On the horizon: Events coming to NC in March

[February 4, 2018]: Among the technology and life science events on tap for the month of March are ClimateCon 2018, including The Business of Climate Forum and The Summit for Emerging Climate Leaders.

♦ BUSINESS NORTH CAROLINA: Asheville event makes a business play on climate change

[February 2, 2018]: Asheville, already branded for its rich music, arts and food scene, has now been dubbed “Climate City,” as it plays host to the inaugural ClimateCon, expected to draw hundreds of people interested in the topic and how to possibly make money from it.

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Understanding the science of cat behavior

[February 1, 2018]: A feature on the recent Science Pub, hosted at The Collider with Asheville Museum of Science.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: A Contemporary Response to Our Changing Environment

[January 31, 2018]: In an effort to examine climate change through artists’ perspectives, Pink Dog Gallery hosts A Contemporary Response to Our Changing Environment. The exhibit is part of ClimateCon 2018.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Feb. 16 installment of AMOS Science Pub series explores gov’t response to oil spills

[January 30, 2018]: The Asheville Museum of Science and The Collider co-host the monthly Science Pub, a free Friday night guest speaker series. Roger Helm, former Lead Scientist with the Department of Interior’s Damage Assessment Team, will present “Crude Awakening – From the Exxon Valdez to the BP Gulf Spill.”

♦ THE ASPEN TIMES: Business Briefs

[January 29, 2018]: Auden Schendler, Aspen Skiing Co’s vice president of sustainability, will be a keynote speaker at ClimateCon 2018, speaking on, “The Case for Meaningful Action on Climate Change,” on March 20.

ASHEVILLE MADE: She Knows That Making Art Feels Good, But She’s Not A Feel-Good Artist

[January 27, 2018]: A profile of artist Patti Anastasi whose work will be on display at a special exhibition during ClimateCon 2018.

BUSINESS NC: 5 Questions for Megan Robinson

[January 26, 2018]: North Carolina’s largest and long-running business magazine features Collider Executive Director Megan Robinson as part of its “You Oughta Know” feature highlighting business leaders across the state.

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Top 6 things to do this week

[January 25, 2018]: Among those is Movie Night at The Collider on January 30, featuring “The Burden.”

MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Screen Scene – Local Film News

[January 24, 2018]: The latest selection in the monthly climate and environmental film series at The Collider, 1 Haywood St., Suite 401, is The Burden, which will be screened Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m.

WRAL TECHWIRE: Groups aim to remake Asheville as ‘The Climate City,’ plan climate-related events

[January 19, 2018]: While Asheville has developed a reputation across the region as a mountain retreat and craft beer mecca, a group of researchers and entrepreneurs are working to remake Asheville as “The Climate City.”

ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: New NC conference poised to remake Asheville as Climate City, U.S.A.

[January 16, 2018]: As North Carolina’s first climate services conference this spring draws near, the host community’s reputation as Beer City is facing a friendly threat from the researchers and entrepreneurs determined to remake Asheville as Climate City.

♦ PR.COM: First-of-Its-Kind North Carolina Conference Addresses Business Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Climate Change

[January 15, 2018]: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists from across the country will converge this spring on Western North Carolina at a new conference focused on the business challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Science Pub: “The Science of Cat Behavior”

[January 8, 2018]:  The Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS) and The Collider announce their next co-hosted installment of the Science Pub, a free Friday night guest speaker series. Dr. Anne Symonds, expert in feline behavior, will present “Fantastic Felines – Crazy or Misunderstood?”


[January 1, 2018]: ClimateCon is a brand new climate conference held in Asheville, NC, a progressive mountain metropolis rapidly developing a reputation as “Climate City.”

The Collider & Our Members In The News: 2017

*Please note: Links to the coverage below may be deactivated or changed over time. 

♦THE MANILA TIMES: New climate and disaster risk solutions for the Philippines

[December 21, 2017]: An editorial by Collider member Ria Persad of StatWeather Institute in the newspaper of the Philippines since 1898.

♦VARIOUS OUTDOOR INDUSTRY PUBLICATIONS:  First-of-its-kind North Carolina conference addresses business challenges and opportunities posed by climate change

[December 18, 2017]: Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and scientists from across the country will converge this spring on Western North Carolina at a new conference focused on the business challenges and opportunities posed by climate change. [Outdoor Industry Association. SNEWS: Outdoor Industry & Adventure Travel Trade News.]

SHEVILLE.ORG: The Collider invites you to ClimateCon 2018 to Explore Climate Solutions & Business Opportunities

[December 18, 2017]: SheVille.org, a site that provides readers with information important to women’s lives and well-being, reports on ClimateCon 2018.

BILTMORE BEACON: Goodell Explains Why Asheville Will Become a Boomtown

[December 16, 2017]: Jeff Goodell, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine, speaks about his new book The Water Will Come; Rising Seas, Shrinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World at The Collider. 

MOUNTAIN XPRESS: The Collider hosts ClimateCon, March 16-25

[December 14, 2017]: Business leaders, entrepreneurs and scientists from across the country will converge this spring on Western North Carolina at a new conference focused on the business challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.

TRANSYLVANIA TIMES: The Collider’s Megan Robinson To Speak in Brevard

[December 14, 2017]: Megan Robinson, executive director of The Collider, will present “Climate City & The Collider” at this month’s Lady Slipper Speaker Series at Brevard College.

USA SCIENCE NEWS: Bringing women together to fight climate change

[December 10, 2017]: USA Science News, an aggregator of news in the categories of science, business, politics, and culture, picks up the national article about The Collider from Salon.Com.

SALON.COM: Bringing women together to fight climate change

[December 10, 2017]: In Asheville, The Collider is changing the climate conversation — by including female voices. The national website Salon.com interviews some of those women, including Executive Director Megan Robinson and The Collider’s part-time event assistant and young scientist Molly Pruett.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Xpress presents 2017 Asheville Innovators

[December 3, 2017]: Mountain Xpress takes a special look at innovative organizations and projects in Asheville that bring outside-the-box thinking to problems or present a refreshing take on the status quo. Among the eight teams/organizations selected out of 41 nominations are innovators who spearheaded the development of The Collider, plus Collider member Brightfield Transportation Solutions. [Read about the team of Mack Pearsall, Claire Callen and Tom Karl here.]  [Read about the team of Matt Johnson and Stan Cross here.]

MOUNTAIN XPRESS: AMOS Science Pub series continues with presentation on native Muscadine grape Dec. 15

[November 30, 2017]: The Asheville Museum of Science and The Collider announce their next co-hosted installment of the Science Pub, a free Friday night guest speaker series. In the spirit of the season, the subject will be the science of wine.

♦ SALON.COM: The human faces of climate change

[November 29, 2017]: Collider member Dayna Reggero is profiled in an article about “The Climate Listening Project,” the docu-series that has partnered with Moms Clean Air Force, National Audubon Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, Cultivating Resilience, Green Chalice and The Collider.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Environment leads in Give!Local donations

[November 28, 2017]: If dollars were votes, the environment would be the winner at the halfway point in this year’s Give!Local campaign — in large measure due to strong outreach efforts by The Collider and Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy. Mountain Xpress is sponsoring Give!Local, a two-month, end-of-year giving campaign that allows local WNC residents to donate to any of 37 locally focused nonprofits via one website. One hundred percent of all donated funds go to the designated nonprofits.

AIA KNOWLEDGENET: Building science and climate science in Asheville

[November 27, 2015]: An article in this news outlet of The American Institute of Architects’ Committee on The Environment (COTE) provides an overview of the 3rd annual symposium, “Climate Adaptive Design: Where Building Science Meets Climate Science.”

CLEAN TECHNICA: The Brightfield Solar Driven Charging Solution Marries Solar & EV Charging

[November 24, 2017]: Collider member Brightfield Transportation Solutions is featured in what is recognized as the #1 cleantech news and analysis site in the world.

MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Asheville asthma forum focuses on resilient solutions to fight climate change

[November 22, 2017]: Resilience — a take-charge attitude that can help communities deal with the effects of climate change — dominated a forum titled “Climate and Respiratory Health — Focus Asthma” at The Collider on Nov. 9,

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Fresh Air: State’s tally of ozone days hits historic lows

[November 22, 2017]: In an article about air quality, Clear Air Carolina’s program manager of citizen science, Calvin Cupini, talks about the opportunity for citizens to monitor particle pollution at an event at The Collider.

WPVM-FM: Radio interview with The Collider on “The World According to Mark”

[November 21, 2017]: Radio host Mark Lieberman interviews The Collider’s Director of Communications, Kathi Petersen, about The Collider and its operations and activities.

ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: “Before the Flood” documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio to be screened Nov. 28th at The Collider

[November 21, 2017]: Climate change is the “single greatest threat to a sustainable future” and a “golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all. So says Former Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon in Before The Flood, a documentary to be screened at The Collider.

MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Students explore arts, careers and recreation with In Real Life

[November 20, 2017]: The Collider is mentioned as one of the businesses and nonprofits that has partnered with an after-school program that serves some 250 students at Asheville Middle School to offer a wide variety of after-school career exploration experiences.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Screen scene: Local film news

[November 19, 2017]: The next selection in the monthly climate and environmental film series hosted by The Collider is Before The Flood, a documentary that follows actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio on a journey as a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: Asheville Affiliates Present: Climate City Soiree – A Night To Benefit The Collider

[November 16, 2017]: Kick off the holiday season with Asheville Affiliates and an after-work “party with a purpose” to benefit The Collider, a nonprofit innovation center focused on solutions for climate change.

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Science Pub: Sociology of Racism

[November 15, 2017]: At the next Science Pub, a free Friday night guest speaker series presented by Asheville Museum of Science and The Collider, the topic will be the sociology of racism, presented by Megan R. Underhill, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at UNC Asheville.

BPR NEWS: A Climate-Health Connection In WNC

[November 12, 2017]: More dust, longer allergy seasons were just a few of the presentation talking points by climate scientists and public health officials who gathered at the climate innovation center, The Collider, in downtown Asheville for a workshop on the climate health connection.

WLOS-TV: Party with a Purpose

[November 12, 2017]: In live segments on the early news on WLOS-TV, Collider Membership Coordinator Jacqueline Lowe and a representative of Asheville Affiliates, John Hornsby, talk about the upcoming Collider fundraiser, Climate City Soiree.

BILTMORE BEACON: ‘The Water Will Come’ Author Makes a Stop at The Collider

[November 10, 2017]: The Collider is hosting an evening with Jeff Goodell, — a Rolling Stone contributing editor and author of the new book, “The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World.” In his book and at the event, Goodell addresses the coming water, why and how this will happen, what it will all mean — and what needs to be done about it.

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: With City Council victory, newcomer Vijay Kapoor aims for ‘rational’ plans for Asheville

[November 8, 2017]: The top vote-getter in the Asheville City Council election, Vijay Kapoor ,mentions his interest in working with The Collider to help make Asheville “Climate City, attract entrepreneurs and grow the green economy.

♦ ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: “Rolling Stone” editor & author of “The Water Will Come” comes to The Collider – Nov. 14th

[November 7, 2017]: Across the globe, sea levels are rising, with higher and higher tides pushing more water directly into the places people live. In the wake of recent hurricanes, flooding, and Asheville experiencing its second-wettest October on record, The Collider, a nonprofit innovation center focused on climate, presents a free public event on Nov. 14 related to water and climate change.

♦ WAFB-TV: HEALTHeWeather Introduces Climate Science-based Solution for Asthma Triggers

[November 6, 2017]: Collider member and HEALTHeWeather CEO, Eric Klos, is visiting, ‘Climate City,’ Asheville, North Carolina, to introduce a vision for bringing personalized weather insights for better patient health.

MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Local real estate agents, architects build awareness of climate change implications

[November 2, 2017]: Professionals on two sides of the Asheville-area real estate market — the agents who deal in properties and the architects who design them — are working to understand the impacts of climate change on their livelihoods.

CAPITAL AT PLAY: Nonprofits in Western North Carolina: A Report

[November 1, 2017]: The Executive Director of The Collider is interviewed in a cover story on the role and status of nonprofit organizations in Western North Carolina.

WRAL-TV: Asheville NC Climate Company Sponsors Climate Education for Professionals

[November 1, 2017]: CASE Consultants International presents workshops at The Collider that bring climate experts together with architect and health professionals to explore the impacts to their customers and constituents that changing weather patterns present.

♦ CAROLINA PUBLIC PRESS: WNC forests face threat of erratic and extreme weather as climate changes

[October 30, 2017]: An article addressing the uncertain impact of climate change on the forests of Southern Appalachia includes interviews with Jim Fox, Director of UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling & Analysis Center, a member of The Collider. [Read here.]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Consulting firm establishes U.S. headquarters at The Collider

[October 27, 2017]: Whether it is violent extremism or climate change, Wasafiri Consulting has helped navigate Africa’s most intractable and complex challenges. Now it is setting up its U.S. headquarters in Asheville, at The Collider. [Read here.]

♦ WALL STREET SELECT: HEALTHeWeather Launches DailyBreath – Helps Allergy and Asthma Sufferers Avoid Severe Allergy Symptoms and Asthma Attacks

[October 27, 2017]: Collider member HEALTHeWeather announces availability of DailyBreath in the Apple iTunes App store, enabling allergy and asthma sufferers to receive a daily personalized health weather forecast and dynamic flare-up tracking. [Read here.]

♦ SMOKY MOUNTAIN NEWS: Conference joins climate science and architecture

[October 25, 2017]: An all-day symposium examining the intersection of architecture and climate science will be held Friday, Nov. 3, at The Collider. “The time is here for all of us in the industry to take responsibility and make buildings more sustainable,” said Asheville architect Emily Coleman Wolf, one of the organizers. [Read here.]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Give!Local kickoff party

[October 22, 2017]: Thirty-seven local nonprofits, including The Collider, are campaigning for financial support via Give!Local’s one-stop online donation platform at givelocalguide.org. The campaign gets started with a free party at The Orange Peel honoring the nonprofits and kicking off the two-month, end-of-year donation drive. [Read here.]

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: The Collider Addresses Climate Change and Chocolate

[October 19, 2017]: On Tuesday, Oct. 24, in a pre-Halloween program titled, “A Future Without Chocolate? Terrifying!” the nonprofit innovation center focused on climate solutions will screen clips from the documentary, “Setting The Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story.” [Read here.]

♦ ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: Program to address role of architects in designing buildings to meet climate change challenges

[October 17, 2017]: “Climate Adaptive Design: Building Science Meets Climate Science” takes place Nov. 3 at The Collider in collaboration with the Asheville section of the American Institute of Architects, CASE Consultants International and other partners. [Read here].

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Small Bites – Chocolate and Climate

[October 17, 2017]: The food briefs in Mountain Xpress include an article about an upcoming pre-Halloween Movie Night at The Collider, focused on the chocolate industry and climate change. [Read here.]

♦ ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: NC Defense Industry Diversification Initiative hosts 3rd statewide town hall in Asheville

[October 17, 2017]: The North Carolina Defense Industry Diversification Initiative, in conjunction with the North Carolina Military Business Center, will host a town hall at The Collider to discuss solutions to problems faced by businesses who contract Department of Defense contractors in the state of North Carolina. [Read here.]

♦ URBAN NEWS: African Americans in WNC

[October 11, 2017]: The fourth annual “African Americans in WNC and South Appalachia” conference will be held Oct. 19-21, 2017, at the YMI Cultural Center, UNC Asheville’s Sherrill Center, and The Collider. [Read here.]

♦ iHEART RADIO: Speaking of Travel program focuses on climate change and sustainable travel

[October 7, 2017]: Host Marilyn Ball welcomes special guests Dayna Reggero, a member of The Collider and founder of the Climate Listening Project: Paula Hennon of Science Tango, a former Collider member; and Kathi Petersen, The Collider’s Director of Communications. [Listen here.]

♦ WLOS-TV: Climate Change: Causes, Impacts & Solution

[October 5, 2017]: Ellie Johnston of Climate Interactive, Dr. David Easterling of NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, Dr. Carl Schreck of CICS-NC — all members or partners of The Collider — were featured panelists on a televised roundtable discussion on climate change. [View the program here.]

♦ MOTORWEEK: Clean Cities – Asheville North Carolina

[October 5, 2017]: “MotorWeek,”  television’s longest running automotive series, airing on PBS, features a “Success Story” segment on Collider members Brightfield Transportation Solutions and Land-of-Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition. [View the program here.]

♦ WLOS-TV: Panelists announced for WLOS roundtable discussion on climate change

[October 3, 2017]: On Oct. 5, News 13 is hosting a Your Voice, Your Future Round Table: “Climate Change: Causes, Impacts, & Solutions.” It will air on Channel 13.3 from 8pm-9pm and will be moderated by our Chief Meteorologist, Jason Boyer. Panelists include Collider members and partners. [Read more.]

♦ MARKETPLACE: Announcing the Inauguration of the StatWeather Institute for Climate Solutions

[October 2, 2017]: StatWeather Institute, providing long-range, two-year-ahead drought and hydrological prediction suite, 10-year-ahead climate trend predictions, and long-range ocean weather offerings announces its launch at The Collider. [Read more.]

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: NOAA Climate Scientist Discusses the Changing Climate

[September 23, 2017]: Deke Arndt spoke about monitoring and analyzing the planet’s climate systems and this data is telling us about our changing climate at a lecture at The Collider. [Read more.]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: African Americans in WNC and South Appalachia Conference coming in October

[September 22, 2017]: The fourth annual African Americans in WNC and South Appalachia Conference will be held Oct. 19-21 at the YMI Cultural Center, UNC Asheville’s Sherrill Center and The Collider. [Read more.]

♦ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: Challenges of preserving biodiversity on a crowded plant is focus of Collider’s movie night

[September 21, 2017]: “Wild Ways: Corridors of Life” to be screened on Sept. 26 in partnership with National Parks Conservation Association at Oskar Blues Presents Movie Night at The Collider. The event includes a panel discussion related to wildlife corridors and solutions. [Read more.]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Leadership Asheville announces 36th class

[September 21, 2017]: Leadership Asheville, a program of UNC Asheville, announces the selection of Class 36. With 49 participants from the private and public sectors, including Collider Executive Director Megan Robinson, the class is now beginning its work in collaborative community leadership. [Read more.]

♦ BLOG POST: “Pay it back. Pay it Forward”

[September 20, 2017]: Producer/Director Jennifer Galvin, who presented the NC premiere of her environmental documentary, “The Memory of Fish,” reflects on her time in Asheville and our event at The Collider. [Read more.]

♦ WUNC-FM: “The State of Things” with Frank Stasio

[September 15, 2017]: A roundup of news in Western North Carolina includes mention of a recent story broadcast on Blue Ridge Public Radio about climate change and the hurricanes, for which several Collider members were interviewed, including Eileen Shea of CASE Consultants International. [Listen here. Segment is towards the end, at about 17:39.]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Author, columnist to speak on climate change

[September 14, 2017]: “Reversing Global Warming: A Conversation with Katharine Wilkinson and John Sutter” will feature the two thought leaders in a panel moderated by Earth Equity’s CEO, Peter Krull. The free event will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. at The Collider. [Read more.]

♦ BLUE RIDGE PUBLIC RADIO: Hurricanes, Trump Bring AVL Climate Work Into Focus

[September 12, 2017]: Recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey were a stark reminder of the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Reporter and ‘Morning Edition’ host Jeremy Loeb interviews three members of The Collider about the topic. [Listen and read here.]

♦ WLOS-TV: The Collider and a scientist-turned-filmmaker are live guests on News 13 This Morning

[September 9, 2017]: Membership Coordinator Jacqueline Lowe and filmmaker Dr. Jen Galvin talk about The Collider’s fundraiser and screening of Dr. Galvin’s film, “The Memory of Fish.” [These two segments are no longer available for viewing.]

♦ THE NEW YORK TIMES: You fix it: Can you stay within the world’s carbon budget?

[September 6, 2017]: Designed and written at The Collider: Collider member Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive is the co-author of an opinion piece and interactive graphic in the New York Times. [View here.]

♦ ASHEVILLE FM 103.3: Slumber Party interviews The Collider team about upcoming fundraiser

[September 6, 2017]: The Collider team and scientist-turned-filmmaker Jen Galvin join the hosts of the Slumber Party to talk about The Collider’s internship program and an upcoming film screening to benefit the program. [Listen here. – Interview starts at about 1:55 into recording]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: UNC Asheville to hold Fall Greenfest Sept. 13-19

[September 6, 2017]: UNC Asheville’s Fall 2017 Greenfest will take place Sept. 13-19 with many sustainability-focused events on and off campus, including a special edition PercCollider at The Collider. [Read more.]

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: The Collider internships give students insight into climate change

[September 5, 2017]: A profile about Collider intern William Jackson, published in advance of The Collider’s upcoming fundraiser to benefit the internship program. (Read here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: Fall Science Pub Speaker Lineup

[September 5, 2017]: Hosted at The Collider, the Fall 2017 line-up includes speakers from NCEI, The American Chestnut Foundation, UNC Asheville, and the Sustainable Appalachian Viticulture Institute. (Read here.)

♦ UNC-TV: InnovateNC profiles Asheville & The Collider on innovation as “Climate City”

[September 4, 2017]: This half-hour program includes fascinating segments with Collider members Stan Cross of Brightfields Transportation Solutions and Sean McDonald of Bitwater Farms, plus interviews with former Collider CEO (and current Board member) James McMahon of The Climate Service and Josh Dorfman, Collider Board member and Director of Entrepreneurship at Venture Asheville. (Watch here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Conscious Party: The Memory of Fish

[September 3, 2017]: The similarities between a fisherman who became an advocate for Washington state’s Elwha River and the efforts of an Asheville climate innovation center are clear on an environmental activism level. Documentarian Dr. Jennifer Galvin, whose latest film centers on the work of the unlikely salmon enthusiast, sees even more connections. (Read here.)

♦ THE LAUREL OF ASHEVILLE: Award-Winning Documentary Benefits The Collider

[September 1, 2017]: “The Memory of Fish,” the story about an everyday man whose actions to save the salmon result in the largest dam removal project in U.S. history will inspire audiences, says filmmaker Jennifer Galvin. (Read here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Local government forum & more scheduled for inaugural Asheville Entrepreneurship Week

[August 31, 2017]: Mayor Esther Manheimer has proclaimed September 5 through 10 as the inaugural Asheville Entrepreneurship Week. Among the events is a benefit to fund interns for climate entrepreneurs at The Collider. (Read more.)

♦ WPVM-FM: “Blaine’s World” interview with The Collider

[August 30, 2017]: In his weekly live broadcast, Blaine Greenfield interviews The Collider’s Executive Director Megan Robinson and volunteer Preston Davitt, who is spearheading a fundraiser to benefit the Thomas R. Karl Internship Program. (Listen here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: The Collider to host workshop on real estate investing

[August 29, 2017]: Ecological Services and Markets announces the launch of the first class specifically for Realtors regarding the threats that severe weather and climate change pose for real estate investing. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Documentary ‘Earthcaster’ is latest ‘Movie Night at The Collider’

[August 24, 2017]: The Asheville Art Museum in partnership with The Collider will screen the documentary “Earthcaster” at the Aug. 29 edition of Movie Night at The Collider, a monthly film series focused on science, climate, and environmental topics. (Read more.)

♦ M.I.T. TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Getting to 2 degrees

[August 16, 2017]: The global publication founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology features an article on the World Climate Simulation, a climate negotiation exercise developed by Collider member and MIT graduate Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive. [Read more.]

♦ WLOS-TV: Asheville camp offers ‘out of this world’ learning experience

[August 16, 2017]: High school students are getting a chance to participate in an out of this world summer camp in downtown Asheville at The Collider. (Read more and view here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Titley Presents on Climate Change and National Security

[August 10, 2017]: The Collider, a local non-profit innovation center recently brought an internationally recognized expert on climate change to give a presentation on how it affects national security. [Read more.]

♦ PHILANTHROPY JOURNAL: Creating Collisions between Science and Business to Face Climate Change

[August 7, 2017]: The Philanthropy Journal’s environment issue features an article about The Collider. (Read more.)


[August 3, 2017]: Asheville will get an early glimpse at the follow-up to Al Gore’s 2006 climate change documentary in a screening that benefits The Collider. A reception beforehand at Blue Spiral will kick things off. (Read more.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Asheville Urban Trail goes digital with new website launch Aug. 16

[August 2, 2017]: A special launch event at The Collider will include an unveiling of the new Asheville Urban Trail website as well as its new visual identity and logo. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE FM: “The Slumber Party” welcomes The Collider

[August 2, 2017]: The lighthearted radio show learns about the activities and events of The Collider. (Listen here.)

♦ THE LAUREL OF ASHEVILLE: Art and science combine in ‘Clouds’ show at Posana

[August 1, 2017]: The work of 18 local artists will be on display at the Adler Gallery in Posana Restaurant through October 29, with a dinner and presentation on Wednesday, August 16. The exhibit, Clouds, combines art and science through a collaboration with The Collider. (Read more.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: The latest exhibit at Adler Gallery looks to the sky

[July 26, 2017]: A new art exhibit, “Clouds,” is opening, for which The Collider is a promotional partner. Says Collider Executive Director Megan Robinson in this article: the exhibit an ideal platform to inform people about the planet’s changing climate. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville filmmaker premieres climate documentary at The Collider

[July 25, 2017]: Asheville filmmaker and Collider member Dayna Reggero debuts her latest great project, “The Story We Want” documentary series at The Collider in downtown Asheville This new series follows Reggero and the Climate Listening Project as they travel across America with Moms Clean Air Force to meet with women who are working together to protect their families and communities. (Read more.)

♦ ASHVEGAS: Climate Listening Project documentary series premieres Tuesday in Asheville

[July 23, 2017]: “The Story We Want” documentary series premieres July 25 at The Collider, which follows Dayna Reggero and the Climate Listening Project as they travel across America with Moms Clean Air Force. (Read more.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Scientists, amateurs in WNC excited about solar eclipse

[July 21, 2017]: An event at The Collider emphasized education about the upcoming total solar eclipse. (Read more and watch here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Cybersecurity conference boosts Asheville’s IT profile

[July 20, 2017]: An article about an upcoming conference in Asheville mentions The Collider as an example of initiatives that are helping to grow the area’s high tech community. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Total solar eclipse expert to speak at The Collider

[July 19, 2017]: The total solar eclipse is one month away. To help locals prepare, the Asheville Museum of Science and The Collider co-host their latest installment of the Science Pub, a free Friday night guest speaker series, on July 21. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Artists work with The Collider for ‘Clouds’ group art show

[July 17, 2017]: A new group art exhibition titled “Clouds” will open July 27 at the Adler Gallery in Posana Restaurant. The theme of the show is simply stated in its name, but rather than include only artists’ visions, curator Constance Vlahoulis has invited the 18 participating local artists to team up with The Collider. (Read more.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Screen Scene – Local film news

[July 16, 2017]: The next selection in The Collider’s monthly climate and environmental film series is the premiere of the five-part documentary The Story We Want on Tuesday, July 25, at 7 p.m. by Western North Carolina filmmakers Dayna Reggero, Francine Cavanaugh and Adams Wood. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE GRIT/VEGAS WEEKEND UPDATE: Roundup of events includes happenings at The Collider

[July 12, 2017]: Collider Executive Director Megan Robinson joins Collider member Brett McCall of Better Than Unicorns to talk about Virtual Reality Theater Thursday every week at The Collider and other upcoming events.  (Watch here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE BUSINESS BLOG: Science Pub on July 21 focuses on 2017 Carolina Total Solar Eclipse

[July 11, 2017]: Free Friday night lecture series co-hosted by Asheville Museum of Science and The Collider continues with an exploration of the upcoming solar eclipse that will be visible across the United States on August 21. (Read more.)

♦ PROSPECT MAGAZINE: The ‘Best USA Energy & Environmental Think Tank’ is Collider member Climate Interactive

[July 10, 2017]: Collider member Climate Interactive has been named the top energy and environment think tank in the USA by the monthly British magazine specializing in politics, economics, and current affairs, Prospect. (Read more.)

♦ SCIENCE BLOGS: Making the A.I.-climate connection

[June 30, 2017]: Former Collider CEO and now Collider member James McMahon talks about his new business venture marrying artificial intelligence with climatology. (Read more.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Collider Film Series to Feature ‘Flight of the Butterflies’

[June 22, 2017]: The Collider’s monthly movie night, presented by Oskar Blues Brewery and featuring films related to climate change and the environment, continues Tuesday, June 27, at the nonprofit climate innovation center in downtown Asheville. [Read more.]

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Beatty Sisters Create a Robotic Empire

[June 22, 2017]: A high school student from the Biltmore community, gave a stunningly poised and articulate presentation at The Collider on the internationally acclaimed robotic empire she has created with her younger sister, Genevieve. [Read more.]

♦ ASHVEGAS: Hot Events: ‘Game-Changing Resilient Infrastructure’ conference at The Collider

[June 16, 2017]: Collider member CASE Consulting International holds an event at The Collider highlighting Asheville’s green infrastructure projects. (Read more.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Posana restaurant hosts “Clouds” art exhibition, combining art & science

[June 15, 2017]: A new art exhibition “Clouds” will open its doors July 27 at the Adler Gallery in Posana Restaurant. Curator Constance Vlahoulis has combined art with science by inviting 18 local artists to team up with The Collider. (Read more.)

♦ BLUE RIDGE PUBLIC RADIO: Climate risk expert speaks in WNC

[June 9, 2017]: Helen Chickering of BPR interviews climate security expert and former Navy Rear Admiral David Titley, who is speaking at The Collider at an event open to the public. (Read more and listen here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS LETTER TO EDITOR: Expert on national security and climate risk comes to Asheville

[June 8, 2017]: “….Even in our highly polarized political arena, there is rapidly developing and bipartisan recognition that our economic and social systems will be challenged responding to the impacts of climate change and stimulated by development of new clean energy technologies and infrastructures…” (Read here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Climate change, national security expert speaks in Asheville

[June 7, 2017]: The Collider and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby host David Titley, an expert on climate security and former Admiral. (Read here..)

♦ BLUE RIDGE PUBLIC RADIO: A ‘ridiculous decision’: Local climate expert on Trump pulling out of Paris Accord

[June 2, 2017]: Collider member Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive spoke on Blue Ridge Public Radio regarding his outrage about recent Paris Climate pullout. (Read and listen here..)

♦ WLOS: Local climate companies, politicians reaction to Paris accord announcement

[June 1, 2017]: Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive, a member of The Collider, suggests that sub-national parties will need to work overtime to combat Climate Change after Trump’s PCA pullout. (Read and watch here..)

♦ THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Stakes in the Paris Climate Deal: What Might Other Countries Do?

[May 31, 2017]: An interactive graphic created by Collider member Climate Interactive is featured. (Read and view here.)

♦ WASHINGTON POST: Whatever Trump decides on Paris, he’s already taken the U.S. out of the climate game

[May 27, 2017]: Collider member Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive speaks on the importance of the United States in the Paris Climate Agreement.  (Read here..)

♦ WASHINGTON POST: What if US quits climate deal? Doesn’t look good for Earth

[May 27, 2017]: Collider member Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive speaks on the difficulties presented to the environment related to the Paris Climate Accord shakeup.   (Read here.)

♦ TIMES OF INDIA: What happens to Earth after US exits climate deal

[May 27, 2017]: Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive, a member of The Collider, speaks on the difficulties presented to the international community related to the Paris Climate Accord pullout. (Read here..) 

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Collider’s Monthly Movie Night Presents ‘Wings of Life’

[May 24, 2017]: The DisneyNature documentary, “Wings of Life,” narrated by Meryl Streep, will be this month’s featured film, kicking off the local celebration of June as National Pollinator Month. (Read here...)

♦ RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER: Leadership NC brings diverse voices together to improve state

[May 22, 2017]: A recent graduate of Leadership NC, a statewide development program for young leaders, reflects on the recent experience. The “environmental policy” session of Leadership NC took place in “Climate City,” Asheville, NC.  (Read here..)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: The Collider Founder Mack Pearsall honored for environment, economy work

[May 17, 2017]: Mack Pearsall, founder of The Collider, was honored with a “Green Tie” award at the tenth annual Green Tie awards hosted by the North Carolina League of Conservation voters. (Read more here.)

♦ ENVIRONMENT GURU: Green Tie Celebrates Conservation Leaders

[May 15, 2017]: Mack Pearsall, founder of The Collider, was honored with a “Green Tie” award at the tenth annual Green Tie awards hosted by the North Carolina League of Conservation voters. (Read more here.)

♦MOUNTAIN XPRESS: ‘Building Stronger Communities’ presentation at The Collider

[May 11, 2017]: Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns will make a presentation on the financial health of communities at a free public event at The Collider, organized by Asheville Downtown Association. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: The Collider hosts screening of “Wings of Life” in honor of National Pollinator Month May 30

[May 10, 2017]: The Collider and Bee City U-S-A team up to kick off National Pollinator Week with a screening of documentary film “Wings of Life” at The Collider. The film screening is May 30 at 6:30 at The Collider’s downtown office. (Read more here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Dan Lazar discusses Southern Appalachia in the Ice Age

[May 5, 2017]: Dan Lazar explores the Southern Appalachian region during the Ice Age, with The Collider and Asheville Museum of Science. He takes us on a 20,000 year journey, visiting flora and fauna ranging from the familiar dogwood to the extinct mastodon. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Learning the ropes: Nonprofit startups face hurdles

[May 4, 2017]:  Megan Robinson, Executive Director of The Collider, and Kathi Petersen, Director of Communications, discuss the unique challenges to creating and maintaining a nonprofit. (Read more here.)

♦ PROADAPT Symposium on Climate Risk and Investment: Interview with James McMahon

[May 2, 2017]: CEO of The Collider James MchMahon discusses growth in market opportunities related to the demand for climate resilience, and why it is so crucial to be talking about opportunities and solutions. (Watch the video here.)

♦ THE LAUREL OF ASHEVILLE: Bee City U-S-A to Host Pollinator Celebration

[May 1, 2017]: The Collider and Bee City U-S-A team up to kick off National Pollinator Week with a screening of documentary film “Wings of Life” at The Collider. Bee City U-S-A works tirelessly to preserve pollinators across the nation through educational and advocacy programs. The film screening is May 30 at 6:30 at The Collider’s downtown office. (Turn to page 94 to read more.)

♦ WLOS-TV: People’s Climate March set for Saturday; sister march planned in Asheville

[April 27, 2017]: Collider member Dayna Reggero of Climate Listening Project is interviewed at The Collider by the ABC affiliate on the People’s Climate March taking place in downtown Asheville — ‘Climate City.’ (View the story here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: High school student organizes Asheville Science March

[April 21, 2017]: A part-time event assistant with The Collider team is recognized for his leadership in organizing the Asheville Science March. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Conservatives and progressives unite to fight climate change

[April 15, 2017]: An article about the Mid-South Regional Conference of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots group that advocates for national policies to address climate change. Eighty people from Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina came together for the event that took place at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Don Lewis Presents ‘Out of Africa: The Story of Homo Erectus’

[April 14, 2017]: “We are all Africans,” said Dr. Don Lewis, who presented a lecture titled “Out of Africa” at the most recent Beer City Science Pub, co-sponsored by the Asheville Museum of Science and the Collider. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Letter to the Editor ‘Time to put a price on carbon’

[April 4, 2017]: An attendee of Oskar Blues Presents Movie Night at The Collider writes about what she learned from the climate film she watched at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville March for Science set for April 22

[March 31, 2017]: On April 22, supporters of science will gather in Asheville for a March for Science. In a related event, the March for Science will host Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist Thomas Peterson for a presentation titled “What is Science?” from 5:30-6:30 p.m. April 11 at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ WPVM-FM: ‘Asheville & Arts’ features The Collider

[March 30, 2017]: Host Carol Anders interviews Jessica Coffield, representing Marjorie Pierson Fine Arts, about the artist’s environmental art at The Collider. Joining in, at about a half hour into the show are Collider Executive Director Megan Robinson and Director of Communications Kathi Petersen. (Listen to podcast here.)

♦ THE NEW YORK TIMES: Trump’s Executive Order Pushes the U.S. Climate Pledge Further Out of Reach

[March 28, 2017]: Collider member Climate Interactive created graphics to accompany this article. (Read more and view here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville filmmaker debuts documentary on climate change

[March 27, 2017]: The Collider is interviewed in an article about The Climate Listening Project’s new documentary. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHVEGAS: Hot Sheet (roundup of events mentions art exhibition and reception at The Collider)

[March 27, 2017]: The Collider, a downtown innovation center focused on climate solutions, is now host to “Struck by Nature,” a traveling art exhibition from environmental artist Marjorie Pierson. (Read more here – scroll down to find.)

♦ 880 THE REVOLUTION: The Jeff Messer Show features The Collider

[March 23, 2017]: Jeff Messer, voted #1 best radio host in a recent Mountain Xpress reader poll, interviews Collider Executive Director Megan Robinson and Director of Communications Kathi Petersen for the first hour of his show on March 23. (Listen here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Monthly climate change film series March 28 at The Collider

[March 23, 2017]: The Collider’s monthly movie night, presented by Oskar Blues Brewery and featuring films related to climate change and the environment, continues. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Women make their mark in environmental sciences

[March 18, 2017]: A cover story that focuses on Collider friend, the Climate Listening Project, features a photo of the organization’s founder as well as The Collider’s founder Mack Pearsall. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Letter to Editor ‘Every energy move we make matters’

[March 9, 2017]: An attendee of Oskar Blues Presents Movie Night at The Collider writes about what she learned from the climate film she watched at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: AMOS Science Pub presents Southern Appalachians during the Ice Age

[March 9, 2017]: The Asheville Museum of Science (AMOS) and The Collider announce their next co-hosted installment of the AMOS Science Pub, the free Friday night guest speaker series, with a program on Mar. 24th titled, “The Southern Appalachians During the Ice Age” with former Colburn Museum’s Executive Director, Dan Lazar. (Read more here.)


(February 27, 2017): In its Winter newsletter, Leadership Asheville recalls the Economic Development session that was conducted at The Collider in January. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Free popcorn, Oskar Blues brews at movies on climate change

[February 23, 2017]: Wondering where to take the kids for movie night? Try a free film with big-name stars, free popcorn, and a side of educational entertainment. “Oskar Blues Presents Movie Night at The Collider” features films related to climate change and the environment. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive to discuss climate change

[February 20, 2017]: A member of The Collider will discuss global climate change and the “Top 10 Reasons for Hope for Our Climate,” at a forum at UNC Asheville. (Read more here.)

♦ BUNCOMBE MINUTE: Beer City Science Pub at The Collider

[February 17, 2017]: A video shared through the Buncombe County enews, “County Center” talks about the upcoming Beer City Science Pub event on February 24, “Out of Africa: the Story of the Homo Erectus.” (View the video here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Exploring the connection between wildfires and climate change

[February 16, 2017]: Wildfires in Western NC have people wondering exactly what role global warming might have played in their destructive rampage. The Collider is a good place to start looking for answers. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: The Collider to host monthly movie nights

[February 7, 2017]: A new monthly movie night featuring films related to climate change and the environment will continue on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at The Collider, a nonprofit innovation center in downtown Asheville focused on catalyzing climate solutions. (Read more here.)

♦ UNC-TV: Innovate NC Asheville – A Profile of The Collider and Brightfield Transportation Solutions

[February 2, 2017]: The city of Asheville, with one of the largest collectors of climate data in the world, is creating innovative ways to help businesses develop climate-related goods and services. In this segment, UNC-TV features The Collider and an innovative business, Brightfield Transportation Solutions. (Watch the video here.)

♦ CLIMATE CHANGE BUSINESS JOURNAL: FernLeaf Interactive Turns Climate and Other Data Into Actionable Intelligence

[February 1, 2017]: Senior editor Jim Hight interviews Collider member Jeff Hicks, CEO of FernLeaf Interactive, about the company, the types of data they use, and how they add value to it. (Read here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: ‘Climate City’ Lines up to Advance Climate Change Issues in Trump Era

[January 31, 2017]: The federal government’s role in studying climate change will change under President Donald Trump. In this interview, members of The Collider discuss the importance of private firms working on climate science. (Read more and listen to the interview here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Climate Change Experts Offer Talks at OLLI in February and March

[January 29, 2017]: Experts in the field of climate science, including Collider CEO James McMahon and Jim Fox, director of Collider partner NEMAC, will present in a series of lectures on climate change hosted by OLLI, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC Asheville. (Read more here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: Asheville: Dog City, USA?

[January 26, 2017]: An interview in advance of a Beer City Science Pub held at The Collider with Asheville Museum of Science on the subject of the science of dog behavior. (Read more and listen to the interview here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Hanger Hall students coming up with solutions for global warming

[January 20, 2017]: The Collider hosted a World Climate Simulation led by Collider member Climate Interactive and featuring middle school students, as seen in this “Never Stop Learning” segment. (View video here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: Local Climate Change Advocate ‘Hopeful by Choice’ in Wake of Trump Election

[January 12, 2017]: The co-director of Collider member Climate Interactive is interviewed about the group’s work and what he calls his hopeful outlook following the elections. (Read more and listen to the interview here.)

♦ THE 828: Neil deGrasse Tyson Holds Asheville Science Class

[January 11, 2017]: It may be tough to be the smartest the guy in the room, but Astrophysicist and bestselling author Neil deGrasse Tyson makes it look easy, and does it with a disarming grace. He brings his beautiful brain and ability to break down complex ideas into easily digestible, highly entertaining mental morsels for a science talk in Asheville’s Thomas Wolfe Auditorium June 13. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Charlie Daniels, deGrasse Tyson head to Asheville venue

[January 10, 2017]: In June, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson will grace the stage of the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium to give a science talk that’s, in part, presented by The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Neil deGrasse Tyson to speak in Asheville in June

[January 9, 2017]: Astrophysicist, author, and “Cosmos” host Neil deGrasse Tyson is coming to the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in June. The Collider, downtown Asheville’s climate innovation center, is offering a VIP Package. (See more here.)

♦ INTERNATIONAL & US MEDIA OUTLETS: Study confirms findings of NOAA scientists, including Collider CEO

[January 5, 2017]: A roundup of coverage from media outlets worldwide about a new study that confirms the earlier findings of NOAA scientists, including Collider CEO James McMahon, which challenged a pause in climate change. (Read more here.)

♦ LIVABILITY ASHEVILLE: Climate-based Think Tank Opens in Asheville, NC

[January 1, 2017]: The Collider’s goal is innovation and collaboration in climate science. With all the talk about climate change and global warming, Asheville is heating up as a front-runner to become the world headquarters for climate science.   (Read more here.)

The Collider & Our Members In The News: 2016

*Please note: Links to the coverage below may be deactivated or changed over time.

♦ SCIENCE WRITERS MAGAZINE: Asheville conference report

[December 22, 2016]: A meeting organized by The Collider with members of Science Communicators of NC, staff at Duke University and NC State University, US Forest Service, NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, and the Economic Development Coalition of Asheville-Buncombe County brought together journalists from across the Southeast for a glimpse of what’s coming next in the climate story (Read more here.)

♦ HENDERSONVILLE TIMES-NEWS: After historic wildfire season, experts prepare for increased risk

[December 21, 2016]: “If it could happen in Gatlinburg, could it happen here?” Jim Fox, director of UNC Asheville’s National Environmental and Modeling Analysis Center, asked that question of the crowd of about 140 people who attended a discussion at The Collider about the increasing risk of devastating wildfires in Western North Carolina. (Read more here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Climate Change and How it Impacts Our Health

[December 14, 2016]: Alan Lockwood, author of the book Health Advisory, Protecting Health on a Warming Planet, gave a presentation at The Collider on the predicted impacts of climate change to our planet. He is an emeritus professor of neurology from the University at Buffalo, and a senior scientist with Physicians for Social Responsibility. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: MountainTrue, The Collider host “After The Wildfire” climate change presentation

[December 15, 2016]: In the wake of a historic wildfire season that has burned more than 150,000 acres throughout the Southeast, event will address how climate change is affecting our region . (Read more here.}

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Mitigating climate change after wildfire

[December 15, 2016]: Was climate change the culprit behind the historic wildfires that burned through WNC this fall? MountainTrue will hold a talk, “After the Wildfires: Mitigating Climate Change and Adapting to the New Normal,” at an event at The Collider at 4 pm Monday, Dec. 19 at The Collider. [Read more here.]

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Asheville beer happenings Dec. 13-19

[December 13, 2016]: The weekly roundup of activities at the breweries mentions Beer City Science Pub, taking place at The Collider on December 16. (Read more here.)

♦ THE NEW YORK TIMES: How Trump Can Influence Climate Change

[December 8, 2016]: Collider member Climate Interactive worked on this interactive “data story” with The New York Times. (Read more here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: Collider Sees Its Mission Take on Greater Importance With Trump Win

[December 5, 2016]: Fresh from his visit to the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Collider CEO James McMahon stopped by WCQS to talk with Jeremy Loeb about what a Trump presidency could mean for the climate and The Collider. (Listen here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE SCENE: Try this – an educational and food-focused event at The Collider, Asheville innovation center.

[December 2, 2016]: The Collider with Asheville Museum of Science host another Beer City Science Pub with a science-backed look at the value of Western North Carolina’s food system using field evidence. (Read more here.)

♦ THE LAUREL OF ASHEVILLE: The Collider, Meeting Place for Innovative Climate Ideas

[December 1, 2016]: The Collider is featured in the December edition of this culture and lifestyle magazine. (Read more here.)


[November 29, 2016]: London-based Acclimatise interviews CEO James McMahon about the recent climate change conference (COP22) in Marrakesh. (Listen here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: New museum puts science at the center of Asheville

[November 25, 2016]: In a cover story about Asheville Museum of Science, Collider CEO James McMahon is interviewed. (Read more here.)

♦ NY TIMES, ASSOCIATED PRESS, and others: Climate Interactive Quantifies Implications of Trump Presidency for the Climate

[November 21, 2016]: Climate Interactive, a member of The Collider, is interviewed in several major media outlets. Here’s a roundup of some of that media coverage. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: City plans to head off climate-related disasters

[November 17, 2016]: A draft Asheville city climate-resiliency plan created with help from Collider member NEMAC was presented to City Council members and the public at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ FOUR TWENTY SEVEN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS: Marrakesh Side Event: Private Sector Perspectives on Climate Resilience

[November 14, 2016]: Four Twenty Seven with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Global Adaptation & Resilience Investment (GARI) Working Group, bring together thought leaders from the private sector and international financial institutions, including The Collider, to examine challenges and opportunities facing private actors in the arena of climate resilience. (Listen to recording of event here.)

♦ UNC-TV: New Weather Warnings

[November 10, 2016]: UNC-TV takes a visit to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, just down the street from The Collider, for a look at weather and climate archives and trends. (Watch the video and read more here.)

♦ WASHINGTON POST: What it would really mean if Trump pulls the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement

[November 9, 2016]: While The Collider itself is not an advocacy organization with regard to climate policy, many of our members are valued nationally and even internationally as experts on the issues. Here’s an interview with Collider member Climate Interactive. (Read more here.)

♦ VENTURE ASHEVILLE NEWSLETTER: CEO of The Collider in Morocco for Global Cimate Conference

[November 8, 2016]: The CEO of The Collider, James McMahon, is headed to Marrakesh to appear on a panel, “Turning Climate Risks into Private Opportunities,” hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank in partnership with Four Twenty Seven and the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment (GARI) Working Group. (Read more here.)

♦ 880 THE REVOLUTION: Interview on The Jeff Messer Show – “Where Building Science Meets Climate Science”

[November 1, 2016]: Radio host Jeff Messer interviews The Collider and architects with The American Institute of Architects-Asheville about the upcoming symposium “Where Building Science Meets Climate Science.” (Listen here – Interview starts at 23:40 and runs through 42:30.)

♦ VENTURE ASHEVILLE NEWSLETTER: Climate Entrepreneur Keynotes Computer Sciences Conference

[November 1, 2016]: Collider member Stephen Del Greco, founder of Black Swan Innovations, will deliver the keynote presentation at the 30th Annual Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, held at UNC Asheville. (Read more here.)

♦ 880 THE REVOLUTION: Interview on The Jeff Messer Show – “Beer City Science Pub”

[October 25, 2016]: Radio host Jeff Messer interviews Collider Director of Communications Kathi Petersen and Anna Priest, Executive Director of Asheville Museum of Science about the upcoming Beer City Science Pub at The Collider. (Listen here – Interview starts at about 44:30 and runs through 68:55.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: DIY Tourism Marketing Conference Launches in Asheville

[October 24, 2016]: Magellan Strategy Group and Collider member JB Media Institute have partnered to host the area’s first Internet marketing conference for tourism professionals. The event will take place at The Collider. (Read more.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Climate-change models inform negotiators, engage regular folks

[October 16, 2016]: An article about Climate Interactive, an organization with offices at The Collider that uses real-time simulations to let people know if proposed climate-change polices will work. (Read more here and see photo gallery.)

♦ THE FARM SOHO: The Top 19 Coworking Spaces in the Carolinas

[October 11, 2016]: Open just over six months, The Collider has been ranked #10 among all cowork spaces in North and South Carolina by a SoHo New York City cowork organization. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville Museum of Science announces Beer City Science Pub series fall lineup

[October 11, 2016]: In an article about AMOS’s plans to open in new space on the ground floor of the same building The Collider is located in, the Citizen-Times also shares information on upcoming Beer City Science Pub events to be held at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ 880 THE REVOLUTION: Drew Jones discusses climate, hurricanes, and steroids on talk radio

[October 10, 2016] The co-director of Collider member Climate Interactive is interviewed on the Jeff Messer Show as part of World Climate Week. (Learn more and listen here.)

♦ THE 828: Science and Beer Collide at The Collider

[October 10, 2016]: Absorb science while sipping on suds AMOS, the Asheville Museum of Science, announces the Beer City Science Pub Fall Line Up, to be held at The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ BILTMORE BEACON: Attempting to Unravel the Mystery of Amelia Earhart

[October 7, 2016]: Asheville climate scientist and Collider member Dr. L. DeWayne Cecil plans to conduct an expedition to locate the wreckage of Amelia Earhart’s airplane and unravel the mystery of what became of her and her and her navigator Fred Noonan. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville’s Krull & Co. named among top 10 percent of B Corps

[October 6, 2016]: Congratulations to Krull & Company, a responsible investing and financial advising firm that recently partnered with The Collider on a lecture about sustainable business practices. The Collider’s founding philanthropist is interviewed for this article. (Read more here.)

♦ INQUISITR: Amelia Earhart Mystery May Finally Be Solved

[October 3, 2016]: An article about the search for Amelia Earhart mentions The Collider, where expedition leader Ric Gillespie spoke as part of a Beer City Science Pub, along with Collider member and climatologist L. DeWayne Cecil. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Bitten by the bug: New tech-driven cricket farm for WNC

[September 30, 2016]: In a cover story, the Asheville Citizen-Times reports on Collider member Bitwater Farms, a startup whose innovations could revolutionize sustainable farming. (Read more here.)

♦ BOOK/CHAPTER REVIEW: Building a Creative Molecular Economy — Can we be ready?

[September 30, 2016]: Rick Smyre and Neil Richardson are co-authors of a book called Preparing for a World that Doesn’t Exist – Yet: Creating a Framework for Communities of the Future. Consultant Rick DuBose reviews the chapter on building a “Creative Molecular Economy,” in which The Collider is mentioned. (Read more here.)

♦ YALE CLIMATE CONNECTIONS: Climate Data: Business Opportunity?

[September 29, 2016]: A trove of climate data in Asheville, N.C. could drive both innovation and new jobs, says this radio interview broadcast across the U.S. The Collider is mentioned as one of reasons Asheville is known as “Climate City.” (Read more and listen here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Chelsea Clinton talks climate change, Appalachian issues at The Collider

[September 29, 2016]: In a cover story, the Asheville Citizen-Times reports on the visit by Chelsea Clinton. The story includes a brief interview with Collider member Matt Rudolf, a renewable fuels policy expert. (Read more here, see a full video of Clinton’s speech, and see a photo gallery.)

♦ ASSOCIATED PRESS: Scientists: World likely won’t avoid dangerous warming mark

[September 29, 2016]: Collider member organization Climate Interactive is mentioned in a national article about a new report on climate change. (Read more here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: Chelsea Clinton Talks Clean Energy in Asheville at The Collider

[September 28, 2016]: Public radio station WCQS reports on Chelsea Clinton’s visit to The Collider. (Read more, listen to the radio news report, and view a video of Clinton’s remarks here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Chelsea Clinton Clean Energy Event at The Collider

[September 28, 2016]: WLOS-TV covers the visit to The Collider by Chelsea Clinton, who spoke about clean energy and climate change. Among those interviewed was Collider member Ellie Johnston of Climate Interactive. (Read more and see the video here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: The Collider CEO Talks About Chelsea Clinton Visit

[September 28, 2016]: The Collider’s CEO James McMahon speaks with public radio station WCQS before the clean energy discussion at The Collider led by Chelsea Clinton. (Listen to the interview here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Chelsea Clinton to push Hillary’s clean energy & jobs plan at Asheville roundtable

[September 28, 2016]: WLOS-TV is live in front of The Collider on the morning of a visit there by Chelsea Clinton. (Read more and view the four live news segments here.)

♦ LIVABILITY ASHEVILLE: Climate-based Think Tank Opens in Asheville, NC

[September 27, 2016]: The Collider’s goal is innovation and collaboration in climate science. With all the talk about climate change and global warming, Asheville is heating up as a front-runner to become the world headquarters for climate science. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Debate may give Clinton slight edge in one WNC town

[September 27, 2016]: An overview of the presidential debate includes a mention of The Collider as the site of an event on September 28 featuring Chelsea Clinton, who will host a clean energy roundtable discussion. (Read more here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: Climate Change and Your Health

[September 26, 2016]: Extreme climate events in the Southeast that not only impacted the environment – but human health. And while the climate change-health connection is probably not a conversation you’ll hear in the doctor’s office today, the topic is gaining momentum across the country. (Read more and hear the story here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Climate change brews big problems for coffee production

[September 25, 2016]: In advance of a presentation at The Collider on the impacts of climate change on the coffee industry, the Sunday Asheville Citizen-Times features a front-page article on the subject. (Read more here.)

♦ FOX CAROLINA: Chelsea Clinton to campaign for Hillary in Asheville

[September 25, 2016]:Chelsea Clinton will participate in a round table comprised of community and business leaders on Hillary Clinton’s plans for clean energy and building economy. The event will take place at The Collider. (Read more here).

♦ 880 THE REVOLUTION: The Jeff Messer Show Interviews The Collider

[September 22, 2016]: Jeff Messer interviews Collider Director of Communications Kathi Petersen about the work of The Collider and some of the upcoming events. (Listen to the interview here – the segment starts at about 41:30 and runs through 84:15.)

♦ NEWSMAX: Amelia Earhart Latest Theory Recasts Her as Just a Castaway

[September 16, 2016: An article about the Amelia Earhart expedition that involves a climate scientist from The Collider; includes video from a presentation made at The Collider. (Read more and view video here.)

♦ ASHVEGAS: TED talks returns to Asheville with star lineup

[September 14, 2016]: TEDx Asheville, the local version of the inspirational TED talks, is set to return on Oct. 4 at The Collider. Tickets cost $25. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Collider program to explore impact of climate change on personal health Sept. 26

[September 9, 2016]: The impacts of climate change on personal health will be the topic of discussion at a free lecture at The Collider, led by physician Alan H. Lockwood, author of the book, Heath Advisory: Protecting Health on a Warming Planet. (Read more here.)

♦ WNC MAGAZINE: A Catalyst for Change

[September 2016]: The Collider and our partners and members are featured in the cover story on climate services and why experts are looking to Asheville for solutions to climate change. (Read story and see photo gallery here.)

♦ COMPASS LIVE: Paris of the South, Beer City — and Now Climate City, a new nickname for Asheville

[September 7, 2016]: A recent conference sponsored in part by The Collider brought 35 journalists to Asheville to learn more about what researchers and entrepreneurs are doing to address climate change — and may have also sparked a new nickname for the city of Asheville. (Read more here.)

♦ VENTURE ASHEVILLE: Building a Climate Services and Innovation Lab in Asheville

[September 6, 2016]: From rebuilding Pakistan’s transportation infrastructure to tracking Zika virus zones in Florida, some of Asheville’s roughly 20 climate organizations – including The Collider – are joining forces to address global climate adaptation and resiliency in the $300 billion industry. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Interview with Asheville downtown development specialist

[August 24, 2016]: In an article about downtown development, The Collider is mentioned as one effort to ensure that tourism isn’t Asheville’s only economic driver downtown. (Read more here.)

 ♦ VIDEO: A look back at the science journalists climate conference in Asheville, “Climate City”

[August 19, 2016]: Take a look back at “Measure Locally, Respond Globally: The Business and Science of Climate in the Southern Appalachians,” the climate conference that brought together science and business journalists in “Climate City” – Asheville, NC. (View video here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: ‘Climate City’: Asheville hosts climate change conference

[August 16, 2016]: The Collider is among the places visited by science and business journalists from the southeast and beyond as part of a conference organized by Duke University with support from the National Association of Science Writers. (View video here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville scientist helps find clues in Earhart mystery

[August 5, 2016]: Collider member Dr. L. DeWayne Cecil will join Pennsylvania-based Ric Gillespie next summer, the 80th anniversary of the disappearance of aviator Amelia Earhart, on a month-long trip to prove their hypothesis of what happened. (Read more here.)

[August 4, 2016]: The end of summer is fast approaching and that means student are wrapping up their internships. The back-to-school season is apparent as The Collider hosts three different education–related events on August 5. (Read more here.)

[August 3, 2016]: A new map developed by two Asheville firms at The Collider has identified the North Carolina coast as a potential hot zone for Zika. (Read more and view video here.)

[August 3, 2016]: A new website, ZikaZoneUSA.com, developed by two Asheville companies at The Collider uses data from NOAA to provide an up-to-date map where the Aedes aegypti mosquito is most likely to breed, bite and potentially infect humans with Zika. (Read more here.)

♦ WRAL TECH WIRE: NC coast a ‘hot zone’ for Zika; feds provide $560K grant for state

[August 3, 2016]: In an article outlining growing concerns about the Zika virus, ZikaZoneUSA.com is mentioned as a new online tool, developed at The Collider by CASE Consultants International and FernLeaf Interactive. (Read more here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Asheville partnership leads to online resource for Zika virus

[August 2, 2016]: CASE Consultants International and FernLeaf Interactive have partnered at The Collider to develop a new online tool showing areas where the environmental conditions are right for the mosquito that can carry the Zika virus. (Read more and view story here.)

♦ VENTURE ASHEVILLE: AVL’s FernLeaf Interactive Combats Zika Virus with Risk Analysis Maps

[August 2, 2016]: FernLeaf Interactive, part of Venture Asheville’s Elevate program and located at The Collider, rolled out a new online tool to help reduce the spread of the Zika virus across the U.S. (Read more here.)

♦ WCQS-FM: Asheville Climate Scientist selected to help locate Amelia Earhart aircraft

[August 1, 2016]: Collider member and climate scientist DeWayne Cecil talks about his role in the “The Earhart Project” and an upcoming expedition to search for clues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of legendary aviator Amelia Earhart. (Read more and listen here.)

♦ ASK MEN: Scientists Warn That The Climate Is Now Hotter, Riskier: The Climate You Remembered From Your Childhood Is Officially Gone

[July 21, 2016]: Climate scientist Deke Arndt from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information talks about the continued record-breaking heat and its impact. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: ‘Beer City Science Pub’ event on Aug. 5 hosted by Asheville Museum of Science and The Collider; open to the public

[July 20, 2016]: As National Amelia Earhart Day approaches on July 24, The Collider and Asheville Museum of Science present an evening with an Asheville climate scientist who has been selected to participate in an expedition to locate Earhart’s aircraft that mysteriously disappeared nearly 80 years ago. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville continues rise as climate science powerhouse

[July 14, 2016]: An editorial about the value of NCEI and the climate services industry in Asheville: “It provides a vital service while producing a lot of jobs that pay well. Asheville could become the center of a $1 trillion industry expected to grow around adapting and understanding climate change….” (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Local climate science industry primed for takeoff

[July 13, 2016]: The Collider and several of our members and partners are featured in a cover story about Asheville’s climate services industry, complete with archival photos of the early days of NOAA in Western North Carolina. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Globe turning to Asheville’s tech to help assess flood risks

[July 8, 2016]: A cover story and video about Collider partner and member UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling & Analysis Center (NEMAC), which recently won the “Special Achievement in GIS Award” from Esri, a world leader in GIS technology. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CVB PARTNER CONNECT: Tourism dollars at work in the community

[June 30, 2016]: An article in the Asheville Convention & Visitors Bureau newsletter features an article on the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority’s Tourism Product Development Fund, which has awarded $23 million to 27 community tourism projects, including The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: 15 high-growth Asheville companies selected for mentor program

[June 22, 2016]: More than a dozen Asheville companies will enter an elite mentoring program that targets business with potential to service national and global markets. One of those is FernLeaf Interactive, a member of The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ VIDEO: What is climate resilience?

[June 2016]: The Collider’s CEO, Bill Dean, and Collider member John Firth, CEO and co-founder of Acclimatise, are featured in this short video by the Inter-American Development Bank, with offices in Washington DC, South America, and Europe. (Watch it here.)

♦ TRILLIONS MAGAZINE: The Collider – Big Data to the Rescue

[June 2016]: Something important is happening in Asheville, North Carolina and it could make a difference for us all. It is the beginning of a revolution, in how to deal with the biggest problem the world has ever known – climate change, and in how to bring together a group to help solve it. (Read more here.)


[June 2016]: Leadership Asheville’s newsletter takes a look back at LA 34, including the class’s final day of presentations that took place as The Collider, as well as looking ahead to the Summer Buzz Breakfast in July that features The Collider’s CEO Bill Dean. (Read more here.)


[Spring 2016]: UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC) has a new location, both in the heart of Asheville’s hub of climate and weather agencies and on the edge of the next wave of data innovation. [Read more here.]


[May 2016]: The Collider is featured with a photo from our launch with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx in the 35th anniversary edition of this monthly statewide business publication. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Space race: Coworking facilities catching on

[May 11, 2016]: The Collider is mentioned among the growing number of cowork spaces in Asheville. Most are general in their focus, while The Collider targets the climate sciences and knowledge-based entrepreneurs. (Read more here.)

♦ VENTURE ASHEVILLE: Where are all these entrepreneurs coming from? Hint: They’re already here

[May 10, 2016]: A look at the “cool spaces” that will transform awareness of entrepreneurship throughout the city, including The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ MEETING NOTES: 5 Unique Venues for Meetings and Events in Asheville

[April 18, 2016]: Meeting Notes, the blog for the meeting management company To Plan Ahead, names The Collider one of the top 5 unique meeting venues in Asheville. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: UNC Asheville moves to Collider location in downtown Asheville

[April 6, 2016: The National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center has moved its engagement site to The Collider, which allows NEMAC to “easily work with our partners,” says Director Jim Fox, and should lead to local jobs for UNCA students. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: NEMAC moves in with The Collider

[April 4, 2015: The National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC), headquartered on UNC Asheville’s campus, has moved its downtown engagement site to The Collider at 1 Haywood Street in Asheville. The engagement site was previously located in the Grove Arcade. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Collider-related programs already yielding new Asheville jobs

[April 1, 2016]: Alec Courtright could be the embodiment of what the minds behind The Collider imagined when they envisioned the Asheville climate-science collaborative. An intern since September in a program under a partnership between NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the 23-year-old hopes to remain in Asheville and become a sustainable urban planner. (Read more here.)

♦ RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER: Asheville entrepreneurs are making a business out of climate change

[March 29, 2016]: The Collider will house businesses, host conferences and special events such as speeches by visiting scientists. It will also have a commercial side, possibly with staff scientists, to identify market opportunities and fast-track technological advances to fill them. (Read more and see videos here.)

♦ CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: Nonprofit making a business out of climate change

[March 27, 2016]: Making money from Asheville’s mountains of climate data is Asheville’s ‘moonshot’. The Collider will offer work and meeting space as it chases market opportunities. (Read more and see the video here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville’s ‘impatient philanthropist’ sets sights on climate jobs

[March 27, 2016]: The cover story of the Sunday paper profiled the founding philanthropist of The Collider, Mack Pearsall. (Read more here.)

♦ FORBES: Asheville, a budding hub for innovation, the next Silicon Valley

[March 21, 2016]: The Collider sees climate change as an opportunity, one that can put this growing network of climate innovators and scientists smack in the middle of a growing $1 trillion dollar industry.  (Read more here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Forbes calls Asheville the next Silicon Valley

[March 21, 2016]: An article in Forbes calls Asheville the next Silicon Valley, optimistic about Asheville because of the amount of collaboration going on, including The Collider. (Read more and see the video here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Local leaders weigh in on sustainable living

[March 19, 2016]: The Collider’s CEO Bill Dean is among the wide range of local leaders, thinkers and doers who were asked: “What defines a sustainable community? What’s Asheville doing right?” (Read more here.)

♦ ACCLIMATISE NETWORK: Meet the small U.S. city with big climate change ambition

[March 15, 2016]: Despite its size Asheville is fast becoming the center for climate change services in the U.S. and has ambitions to be a global player. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Collider puts Asheville at center of climate data industry

[March 12, 2016]: Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx led a list of elected officials, scientists and business leaders attending the long-anticipated opening of The Collider, a new climate science and business center in downtown Asheville.(See video, photo gallery, and front-page story here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: The Launch of The Collider with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx

[March 11, 2016]: News 13’s Lauren Brigman reports live from The Collider. (See video, photo gallery, and story here.)

♦ WYFF-TV: New think space comes to Asheville

[March 11, 2016]: Reporter Aly Myles of the Greenville South Carolina NBC affiliate interviews Collider CEO Bill Dean at launch of The Collider. (See video here.)

♦ POLITICO: Coworking to save the planet

 [March 11, 2016]: POLITICO’s Morning Transportation tip sheet gives a shout-out to Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, in Asheville to help launch The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ BLOOMBERG GOVERNMENT: Anthony Foxx and The Collider

[March 11, 2016: No, it’s not the latest Marvel movie, instead the transportation secretary returns to his native North Carolina to open a new kind of innovation lab. The Collider. (Read more here.)

 ♦ ASHVEGAS: Opening of The Collider

[March 11, 2016]: A new downtown meeting space and location for entrepreneurs in the Wells Fargo bank building on Patton Avenue, held its official grand opening Friday. (Read more here.)

♦ UNC ASHEVILLE: On The Map with NEMAC – A Center for the City, Community, and Country

[March 9, 2016]: The National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center at UNC Asheville has long been engaged in downtown Asheville and on campus, but now the research center has a new place to call home as an inaugural member of The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville stands on the brink of its ‘Moonshot’

[March 4, 2016]: In a Sunday guest editorial, The Collider’s CEO Bill Dean discusses how The Collider, Asheville’s ‘Moonshot,’ will make capital, intellectual, and educational investments to build transformative businesses in Asheville that meet people’s needs for climate adaptation and resiliency. (Read more here.)

♦ UNC-TV ‘SCIENCE NOW’: Modeling your world

[March 2016]: A fascinating look at the work of UNC Asheville’s National Environmental & Analysis Modeling Center, a partner of The Collider. [Note: This video was shot before NEMAC moved to The Collider.] (Read more and view the video here.)

♦ UNCUBED’S WAKEFIELD: Startup City – Inside Asheville’s burgeoning tech scene

[March 2016]: This New York City-based tech blog mentions The Collider as part of its spotlight on Asheville’s startup and innovation scene. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Thinking Big: Colburn Museum embraces broader mission

[February 2016]: The Colburn Earth Science Museum, soon to be called the Asheville Museum of Science, will be located downstairs from The Collider, and is another development in ongoing efforts to make science a key component of the local economy. (Read more here.)

♦ PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: Interview with the CEO of The Collider

[January 2016]: Reporter Stephanie Carson interviews CEO Bill Dean, about the connection between The Collider and Obama’s Climate Action Plan. (Read more and listen here.)

♦ SOUTHEAST GREEN: North Carolina next home to ‘Silicon Valley’ of Climate Action?

[January 2016]: The commitment to climate action that President Barack Obama emphasized in his State of the Union address this week came as ideal timing for The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Asheville Collider announces initiative encouraging private investments on climate action

[January 2016]: Goal of the business and education facility opening in downtown Asheville, quickly becoming known as ‘Climate City,’ is to fast-track an emerging climate resilient economy. (Read more here.)

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Paris climate accord could be boon for Asheville’s Collider

[January 2016]: The apolitical nonprofit could help new businesses profit from Paris Agreement on global climate change. (Read more here.)


 The Collider In The News: 2015

*Please note: Links to the coverage below may be deactivated or changed over time.

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Breaking down job creation in Asheville

[December 2015]: The job creation plan of the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County includes growing private-sector climate-science operations through partnerships with the National Centers for Environmental Information and The Collider. (Read more here.)


[December 2015]: AURP puts the spotlight on The Collider’s CEO, whose previous positions include President of the Assoc.of University Research Parks (Washington DC), Research Park Director of Cummings Research Park (Huntsville AL), President of Idealliance, directing  expansion of the Piedmont Triad Research Park (Winston-Salem NC) and Chairman of the NC Research Parks Network. (Read more here.)

♦ MODUS OPERANDI DESIGN BLOG: Looking back on AIA Asheville 2015

[December 2015]: The outgoing president of the American Institute of Architects – Asheville reflects on the year’s achievements, including the partnership with The Collider on the full day educational conference on climate awareness and resilient design in the Southeast. (Read more here.)

♦ GLOBE NEWSWIRE: Business leaders on climate change action

[December 2015]: Among the business leaders across the U.S. interviewed about climate change action was Chef William Dissen of Asheville. (Read more here.)

♦ THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Climate Change Pledges Are In. Will They Fix Anything?

[November 2015]: Climate Interactive, which will have a presence at The Collider, created interactive graphics for this article. (Read more here.)

♦ BUSINESS FACILITIES MAGAZINE: Growing Innovation Throughout the Tarheel State

[November 2015]: North Carolina doubles down on growth plans for technology and innovation, with new funding and a new university-led program, InnovateNC. The application, submitted by The Collider and other partners, focuses on growing the climate science sector. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: Future shock: Designing climate-resilient buildings

[October 2015]: An educational event organized by The Collider and the Asheville chapter of The American Institute of Architects gives Asheville a lead role in efforts to integrate the latest climate science into the hands-on practices of architects, builders and others. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Grants total $3.9M for tourism projects

[October 2015]: For the second consecutive year, The Collider receives funding from the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority. The grant will pay for technology enhancements that will midweek conference and business meetings. (Read more here.)

♦ BUILDER ONLINE: “Designing for Climate Change” conference scheduled

[October 2015]: The daylong event will provide tips on designing buildings to withstand extreme weather, hotter temperatures, drier soils, and rising seas. (Read more here.)

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Collider on a mission for climate science innovation

[September 2015]: The Collider is featured as the lead story on the front page of the Asheville Citizen-Times, with an update on the new leadership team and progress toward an early 2016 opening. (Read more here.) (See a photo gallery here.)

♦ RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER: Creating innovation hubs key to NC’s economic future

[September 2015]: Asheville is selected as one of a handful of communities to participate in InnovateNC with its winning idea to leverage its national climate data center by building a robust climate science innovation economy anchored by The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Asheville Chamber announces new 5-year plan

[September 2015]: Brookings Institution’s Bruce Katz inspires crowd during speech: Asheville’s geography and climate-science expertise, including The Collider, are unique assets that could lead to innovation and economic development. (Read more here.)

♦ BUSINESS NC: 5 NC cities picked for innovations program

[September 2015]: Asheville is selected for InnovateNC, an initiative that aims to help expand the innovation economy. The application, submitted by The Collider and other partners, focused on growing the climate science sector. (Read more here.)

♦ WLOS-TV: Finalists for grant money selected

[July 2015]: The Collider is one of seven projects in Buncombe that will be considered for a competitive grant to attract visitors to the area (Read more and view video here.)

♦ WASHINGTON TIMES: More coworking space available throughout Asheville

[June 2015]: Among several coworking spaces in Asheville targeting a variety of entrepreneurs, The Collider plans to be a cornerstone for collaboration on the topic of climate change. (Read more here.)

♦ SOUTHEAST DISCOVERY: Asheville’s growth: smart, mindful and naturally controlled

[March 2015]: The Collider is mentioned as one reason why Asheville was named a “smart city” by Forbes magazine. (Read more here.)

♦ MOUNTAIN XPRESS: The Collider brings a collision of ideas to help businesses navigate climate change

[March 2015]: A new business venture opening in Asheville will mine the massive data stores at the National Climatic Data Center, located right across the street, and present trend predictions as an asset for businesses. (Read more here.)


 The Collider In The News: 2014

*Please note: Links to the coverage below may be deactivated or changed over time.

WLOS-TV: Community projects awarded millions in funding

[December 2014]: The Collider is among several projects awarded millions in funding by the Tourism Development Authority. (View video here.)

♦ VENTURE ASHEVILLE BLOG: Asheville Shapes U.S. Climate Resilience Toolbox

[November 2014]: Asheville’s climate cluster worked on the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit launched by the White House, which offers best practices to help communities prepare for and boost their resilience to the impacts of climate change. Other members of the climate science industry include The Collider. (Read more here.)

♦ HUFFINGTON POST: Innovation Earth – The Next Green Tech Town

[October 2014]: With a nod to The Collider, the National Climatic Data Center (now known as the National Centers for Environmental Information), and a variety of other projects, companies, and organizations, Asheville is recognized for efforts to become a hub for green tech and innovation that can bolster a city’s economy along with its resiliency. (Read more here.)

♦ ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: Can Asheville capitalize on climate change?

[May 2014]: Plans are underway for a new downtown space to attract entrepreneurs, climatologists and data wizards to bounce off new ideas to decipher and deal with the challenges and opportunities of climate change. (Read more here.)


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