Meet Our Members

Businesses and organizations located at The Collider are climate solution providers, climate and sustainability organizations, and businesses that provide support services, including the following:

Climate Solution Providers

Acclimatise logo


A London-based consulting, communications and digital application company providing expertise in climate change adaptation and risk management in more than 60 countries, with its North America office at The Collider.

American Association of State Climatologists logo

American Association of State Climatologists

A professional scientific organization composed of climatology experts nationwide.

Black Swan Innovations LLC

Provides risk management products and services focusing on climate variability and change.

Blue Delta Energy Logo

Blue Delta Energy

Works with clients on navigating the policy, regulations, and markets behind environmental credit programs.

Brightfield TS Logo

Brightfield Transportation Solutions

Provides business-to-business clients with patented electric vehicle charging solutions that integrate solar power and innovative, value-added services.

Carr Astronautics

Carr Astronautics

Provides aerospace engineering, science modeling and analysis, information systems and operational support to NOAA, NASA, USDA and DoD agencies and various other commercial organizations.

Clear Science, Inc. (CSI) logo

Clear Science Inc.

Specializes in a wide range of earth and data science topics with core competencies in climate, long-range forecasting, data handling and visualization, and scientific application development.

Climate Interactive logo

Climate Interactive

Creates interactive, scientifically rigorous tools offering simulations that cover a range of topics, from climate mitigation and clean energy to disaster risk reduction and community resilience.

Climate Optimize logo

Climate Optimize

Delivers “climate positioning” solutions for business through climate risk and opportunity assessment and management.

Collins Climate Consulting logo

Collins Climate Consulting

Provides strategic advisory services that help companies address climate change challenges to gain competitive advantage and meet stakeholder expectations.

Ecological Services and Markets Logo

Ecological Services and Markets

Brings sustainability within reach for public and private clients by mixing skills in environmental finance, real estate, data analytics, and software development.

Eco-Panels Logo


Manufactures insulated building envelope systems for individuals and companies seeking energy efficiency and to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

ERT logo

Earth Resources Technology

Provides scientific analysis and modeling, engineering, IT, and environmental services and solutions to NOAA, NASA and other government agencies.

Eyes on Earth logo

Eyes on Earth

Uses satellite observations to monitor water resources and crop development, and to predict yields around the world.

FernLeaf Interactive logo

FernLeaf Interactive

A climate resilience software solutions firm focused on climate data analytics and visualization.

Forest Walk logo


Designs software applications to facilitate research and development for commercial organizations around the world, including the Population Explorer™ tool that makes complex population and demographic data accessible through an intuitive web interface.
GST logo

Global Science & Technology Inc.

A science-driven technology company offering creative solutions to challenges fundamental to advanced science and technology-based enterprises.

HealtheWeather logo


A platform-as-a-service company delivering personalized weather insights for better patient health, including DailyBreath, a service delivered via mobile app for allergy and asthma sufferers.

ICF logo


Addresses the complex, interconnected causes and effects of climate variability and change, focusing on carbon accounting, greenhouse gas mitigation, climate and extreme weather vulnerability assessment, and resilience planning.

ISG logo

Infrastructure Services Group LLC

Acquires and enhances companies that inspect and repair water and wastewater pipelines in the US, targeting acquisitions in the regions most challenged by climate change.

innovim logo


Applies space systems and atmospheric science knowledge, complemented by expertise in systems and software engineering, data analytics, and scientific programming, to help customers collect, process, store, and disseminate Earth environmental data to the global community.

LMI Logo


A consultancy whose climate work focuses on quantitative climate risk analysis based on translation of historical and projected climate statistics into sector-specific impact measures.

Riverside Technology logo

Riverside Technology Inc.

Develops innovative global science solutions for strategic management of environmental challenges.


Makes science accessible, usable, and impactful, through editing, communications, and publications services, specializing in climate, geoscience, sustainability, and environmental sciences.

Sustainable earth Observation Systems LLC (SeOS) logo

Sustainable earth Observation Systems LLC

A global climate services company focused on commercializing space research and applications from the International Space Station (ISS) National Laboratory.

TSC logo

The Climate Service

Combines scientific expertise with artificial intelligence and advanced big data analytics to help corporations measure, monitor, and manage the financial impact of climate risks and opportunities.

Tipping Point Logo

Tipping Point Renewables

Provides services to help clean energy companies succeed, from empowering executive leadership and raising capital, to fostering innovation and creating a more profitable business model.

Climate & Sustainability Organizations

AWA Logo

Appalachian Woodlands Alliance

A partnership between Rainforest Alliance, forest products leaders, and the US Forest Service, aiming to improve the productivity and health of forests by fostering sustainable practices.

Asheville on Bikes logo

Asheville on Bikes

Cultivates the culture of urban and commuter riding through advocacy and celebration with the belief that cycling has a direct impact on the health of a community.

Class M Communications Logo

Class M Communications

An independent communications consultancy specializing in scientific and environmental issues that include the consequences and challenges of climate change.

Climate Listening Project Logo

Climate Listening Project

Explores the connections of family, faith, business, and community, and weaves together the latest science with inspiring stories from around the globe.

Environmental Paper Network Logo

Environmental Paper Network

A global network of more than 140 organizations working in alignment towards a common goal to create the transformational change in the forest, pulp, and paper industry.

HydroCycle Engineering logo

HydroCycle Engineering PC

Provides planning, engineering, and other technical services in the water resources and environmental sectors for public, private, and nonprofit clients.

Induction Food Systems

Designs thermal processing solutions that use magnetic induction to improve production efficiency and quality while reducing food manufacturing’s carbon footprint.


Jackson Carpenter, Writer

Focuses on climate change and the environment, including his book, Carbon, that tells the story of the element responsible for life, fossil fuel and the future.

Land-of-Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition

Land-of-Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition

A US Department of Energy designated Clean Cities Coalition that promotes the use of alternative fueled and advanced technology vehicles in the Asheville Metropolitan Area.

LogEco logo


Builds businesses that leverage ecological strengths to shift markets and economies, making them both more accessible and robust.

Renewavl logo


RenewAVL is a non-partisan community campaign to commit Asheville to 100% renewable energy, joining 34 other cities across the US.

Resilient Grid logo

Resilient Grid

Developer of ResilientGrid Map™, an advanced solution for energy system situational awareness providing a single pane of glass for control room operators integrating traditional and emerging data sources.

Ullman Consulting

A sustainability consulting firm specializing in building social impact networks, facilitating alignment across teams and developing strategies.

Business Support & Services

bidPress logo


Offers a network of print shops that compete for orders of high quality, custom products, such as t-shirts.

Blassys logo

Blassys Organization

Works to advance the movement towards financial inclusion for microentrepreneurs.

Chipley Consulting

A woman-owned, DBE- and SPSF-certified firm providing communities and organizations with a range of planning, public engagement, and policy analysis services.

Clear Line Accounting & Tax

An accountant and business consultant, experienced working with climate focused entrepreneurial businesses and individuals.

Equitable Community Strategies

Advocates for rural people and places by supporting diverse social impact projects and facilitating place-based strategies that result in strong, healthy, and powerful communities.

JB Media Institute logo

JB Media Institute

Offers comprehensive Internet marketing training online as well as in person, teaching search engine optimization, social media, strategy, and online advertising and PR.

Waystone Systems

Provides development services for climate data applications and IT consulting for small businesses.


Engages entrepreneurs with Investors creating quantum efficiencies in deal flow and decision-making.


A digital creative agency for communicating complex and important ideas to help researchers, nonprofits, and mission-driven businesses engage the public in data and research.